Nathalia Rus

Nathalia Rus

Founding Engineer at Private Collectors Club

Founding Engineer at Private Collectors Club (PCC), Nathalia Rus is building a collection management platform which provides tooling and software for collectable markets left behind by technology. Nathalia has mentored at the Boeing Summer School and advocated for inclusive STEM education program at the European Parliament during the EU Code Week. She can also be found @yeahgirlscode on Instagram where she posts about her journey as a young developer, offering advice and support to those who wish to enter the field.

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Talk: Atomic Design with React & Typescript: a match made in heaven

Learn how combining Typescript with Atomic design can help you build flexible & consistent front-end web applications. In this talk Nathalia Rus demonstrates a great project structure, whilst explaining how it helps to develop maintainable and resilient front-end web applications which scale well with team size.

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