On March 30, you have the possibility to dive deeper in certain topics.

  • Advanced Type Level Programming In TypeScript By Peter Kröner

    Compared to other mainstream programming languages TypeScript's type system is somewhat unorthodox. In order to integrate with the otherwise chaotic dynamically-typed JavaScript ecosystem, TypeScript makes certain unusual tradeoffs on one hand but also allows a skilled programmer to express some rather interesting constraints with advanced...
  • Test-Driven Development with TypeScript By David Tanzer

    Test-Driven Development sounds easy: “Red-Green-Refactor”… and repeat. But doing it well is harder than most people think and learning it can be a life-time endeavor. In this workshop, you will learn the basics: How to write a good failing test, make it green and refactor towards better design. One of the first things you must learn when starting...
All workshops include a small breakfast, lunch, coffee, drinks, and snacks during the day. Combi-Tickets are available