Fred K. Schott

Fred K. Schott

Creator of Pika

Fred is the man behind the mouse. He works full-time on Pika, a project to move the web forward by making modern web technology more accessible to developers. He spends his time on Snowpack (a package-installer that lets you build web apps faster without a traditional bundler), (a searchable catalog of modern packages on npm), and the Pika CDN (a modern JavaScript CDN). He lives in San Francisco, California and loves dogs.

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Talk: Deno has no package manager... now what?

Deno has no package manager. Was that a big mistake, or a big bet on the future of TypeScript? More importantly, how does that even work?! This talk answers these questions by looking at what happens when you throw out your package manager and live life in the fast lane. We'll also look at the Pika CDN and how you can use it anywhere to import and run npm packages with just a simple URL. It turns out, you might not need that package manager after all...

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