Liliana Kastilio

Liliana Kastilio

Teamlead at Snyk

Full Stack engineer and Team Lead at Snyk, working on extending our current languages offering by introducing new languages and language specific concepts into our system in a shape of libs, parsers and microservices. Spending lots of time working on dependency resolution, understanding the inner workings of package managers and integrating with package registries.

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Talk: Lessons learned converting Snyk codebase to TypeScript

Over the past 6-8 months Snyk have been converting their entire codebase to TypeScript, Lili would like to share the reasons, motivations and lesson learned with others thinking to do the same. There have been wins and bumps along the way but overall they left their codebase in a much better place than ever before.

Lili would also like to share where they got to so far, what slowed them down in some places and what is their plan to complete the migration to 100% of the codebase.

Many companies are thinking of using TypeScript but may be scared to do so, Lili hope this talk can share some insight into what this journey is like.

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