Natalie Marleny

Natalie Marleny

Application Engineer at The LEGO® Group

Application Engineer in London working as part of the core engineering team building and maintaining, the company’s global e-commerce store, and occasional open source contributor to Next.js. Interested in building big things which reach millions of people, and on a journey to learn how to do a handstand.

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Talk: What TypeScript devs should know about Flow

Not Flow vs. TypeScript, but a respectful and humorous ‘TypeScript as viewed by a developer using Flow’ talk, with a particular emphasis on the React Web ecosystem.

Expect the possibility of at least one analogy to be made with LEGO® bricks.

The vast majority of TypeScript devs have never used Flow (static type checker for JavaScript) and don’t know why they should (or should not!).

They’ve heard rumours of Flow having stronger inference and a compiler which needs to be restarted a few times; this is not a talk to pitch Flow or compare its features like for like with TypeScript. Rather, the goal over the next 30 minutes is to provide a TypeScript talk from a slightly different angle; through the lens of using Flow in production and at scale whilst building, a real codebase, built under real deadlines by very real people.

This talk will be particularly pertinent to those using TypeScript in the context of building applications in React (a codebase type checked using Flow).

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