Advanced Type Level Programming In TypeScript

Compared to other mainstream programming languages TypeScript's type system is somewhat unorthodox. In order to integrate with the otherwise chaotic dynamically-typed JavaScript ecosystem, TypeScript makes certain unusual tradeoffs on one hand but also allows a skilled programmer to express some rather interesting constraints with advanced types.

After re-contextualizing a few fundamental facts about TypeScript this Workshop explores advanced features of the type system that many TypeScript users are completely unaware of. We examine type features like Mapped Types and Conditional Types as practical solutions to everyday problems, discuss some common (and many more less common) type transformation patterns and highlight several more of TypeScript's unknown corners.

Level up your TypeScript skills and learn to confuse and/or impress your co-workers with your newfound TypeScript prowess.

About Peter Kröner

Peter Kröner is a specialist for frontend technologies and fights his way through dry specification, buggy browsers, and other companie's technical debt. Whatever he figures out, he goes on to teach in trainings, workshops, and talks. These events have taught developers of all stripes from more than 100 companies the secrets of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.

Peter Kröner


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